Respirator Clearance

In-clinic/Phone vs Online Respirator Clearance

Respirator clearance is a mandatory medical assessment stipulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) which requires companies to evaluate any worker who will be wearing any type of respirator in the workplace.

These respirator medical clearances are crucial for the safety of employees, since the use of a certain type of respirator under specific conditions might be detrimental for their health and could lead to work impediments.

Given that the number of combinations of personal health and workplace conditions for a certain duty is relatively large. Companies must reevaluate their employees each time there are changes in: type of respirator, workplace environment conditions, and or employee’s health. Employers are also recommended to periodically evaluate their employees (every one or two years) since one’s health might vary with age.

Although safety at the workplace and employee’s health are priorities, OSHA’s mandatory compliance regulations on the use of respirators are often a complex and time-consuming task for most employers. Therefore any option that allows companies to be compliant with OSHA while saving in costs and time, is necessary.

The most common method used by employers for administering respirator medical evaluations to their workers is in-clinic respirator clearance tests. By this method employees need to leave their workplace during working hours and commute to a third-party medical center (or clinic), where a physician or other licensed health care professional (also PLHCP) provides them with a paper or digital copy of the respirator medical evaluation questionnaire. After completion of the test, the PLHCP evaluates the answers and issues a decision on the status of the employee. Which is then notified to the employer. However it is evident that this method, although more personalized, demands a considerable amount of time and money.

Another popular method for being compliant with OSHA’s respirator clearance is the phone respirator medical evaluations. This option is relatively more convenient since the employee can answer the questionnaire through a phone call with the help of the PLHCP. The number of employees that can be evaluated simultaneously by this method is limited, since every worker needs a personal phone call, which consumes valuable time.

Considering all these aspects of in-clinic and phone respirator medical evaluations, the existence of a more convenient way for acquiring respirator clearance compliance in companies is imperative. Any alternative that allows employers to be compliant with OSHA while saving in costs and time is worth the try.

This is why ICS Respirator has developed an online respirator clearance, which is an online version of OSHA’s mandatory respirator medical evaluation that will ensure the safety of your employees before the respirator fit test in a much more convenient way compared to the methods previously described.

Why are the online respirator medical evaluations more effective?

Avoid administrative conflicts

Selecting which and how many employees can pause their tasks on a certain day to take the test without affecting your normal work efficiency, represents a complex duty. With an online respirator clearance, you can evaluate all your workers the same day and at the same time if paramount.

Reduce labor costs and save time

Every hour your team is away from its duties has an impact on your costs as a company. With an online respirator medical evaluation there is no need to stop anyone’s activities drastically since they can take the test in a few minutes at your own workplace.

Access from computers and smartphones

An online test is designed to be done from any computer or smartphone. Even if you do not have a computer lab at your company, all your employees can access from their own smartphones, this permits them to take the test virtually anywhere.

Instant real-time results

Online respirator clearance tests can be completed usually in just 15-20 minutes. The system will inform you about the status of all tests immediately after they are completed, instead of waiting for the personal response from any current medical evaluation provider.

Evaluate multiple employees simultaneously

There is no limit of employees that can take the test at the same time. Therefore, all your employees can be cleared on the same day if convenient. All you have to do is request the amount of certifications needed and program them for a certain day.

24/7 Respirator Clearance

With online evaluations you and your workers will have access to it any time. So you will not be limited to the working hours of your current face-to-face evaluations provider. In case one of your employees prefers to take the test at home or somewhere else, there are no restrictions.

Convenient for remote employees and companies

Online respirator medical evaluations are a perfect alternative for those companies whose facilities or workers are located in remote areas without access to face-to-face tests nearby and even for those employees who work from a home office.

Management Tools

If that was not enough, some online platforms provide you with management tools that will make your tasks as employers easier. Some of these tools might include: registering employees, creating respirator user profiles, schedule evaluations, view real-time results, set reminders and ascertain reports.

What is your best option?

At ICS we know employees are the most valuable resource of any company, that is why we are concerned about their personal safety at work. ICS Respirator has the commitment of using digital technologies in order to make work safety easier and more cost-effective.

Our Online Respirator Clearance Tests will reduce your company’s costs since your workers will be able to take the test and be evaluated without leaving the workplace and in just 15 minutes. Try it for FREE!

Ensure the safety of your team and get them cleared and ready for their fit test 24/7. Online respirator medical evaluations with instant real-time results and clearance rates up to 98%. Get compliant now!

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