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Clearance Tests

Ensure the safety of your team and get them cleared and ready for their fit test 24/7. Online respirator medical evaluations with instant real-time results and clearance rates up to 98%. Get compliant now!

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ICS Respirator Clearance

Get compliant now! Anywhere, anytime.

Reduce company costs with our online respirator clearance tests. Stop wasting labor time by sending your employees to the local clinic. Evaluate your team anywhere, anytime and get OSHA compliant with our online tools.

Developed by a certified physician

Developed with the guidance of our board certified physician who will validate all respirator clearance tests.

24/7 Medical Evaluations

Schedule respirator medical evaluations whenever is convenient for you and your team. Anytime and anywhere.

Instant real-time results

Online respirator clearance tests take only 15 minutes to complete and get printable results in seconds.

Clearance rates up to 98%

90-98% of the employees will be instantly certified and will not require further evaluations.

Access from smartphones

No need for computer labs or kiosks. Evaluate your team from their own smartphones.

Pay just what you use

There are no monthly fees or hidden charges. Pay only for the clearances you need.

English and Spanish

The respirator clearance questionnaire can be completed in both English and Spanish at convenience.

Management Tools

Register employees, schedule respirator evaluations, view real-time results, set reminders and get reports.


Manage your team with ease

User-friendly Interface

The online respirator clearance questionnaire interface was developed in such a way that it can be completed in just 15 minutes.

Evaluate for all types and brands

Test your team and get them cleared for all types and brands of respirators. With our tool you can visually select all of them for testing.

Management tools

OSHA compliance has never been easier to accomplish. Our software has been optimized with tools designed for better team and certification management.

Easily access results and reports

All of the certifications are stored in compliance with HIPAA and are always accessible and ready to be presented in case of an audit.

Register employees and send requests

Create employee records and send them instructions via email or text/SMS on how to complete the questionnaire from their smartphone or computer.

Create certification profiles

Prefill difficult questions such as respirator type or chemical substances to which the employee will be exposed by creating job profiles that can be applied to multiple employees as necessary.

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Watch our video

Take a look at ICS Respirator

ICS Respirator has a user-friendly interface and management tools that will make respirator medical clearance tests fast and easy. Watch our video to see and learn more about it.

ICS Respirator takes work safety seriously

ICS Respirator Clearance is certified by OSHA authorities and operates in accordance to HIPAA Compliance.


Try our respirator clearance tests for FREE!

Please request a free trial of our respirator clearance tests by filling out our quick form or by calling us.


Try us for free!

Please request a free trial of our respirator clearance tests by filling out our quick form or by calling us.