Why try ICS Respirator Clearance Tests?

We know employees are the most valuable resource of any company, that is why we are concerned about their personal safety at work. OSHA’s mandatory safety compliance on the use of respirators by employees is often a complex and time-consuming task. Any alternative that allows companies to be compliant with OSHA, while saving in costs and time, is necessary.
ICS Respirator is an online version of OSHA’s mandatory respirator medical evaluation that will ensure the safety of your employees for the respirator fit test in a much more convenient way compared to the in-clinic respirator clearance tests.

Online Vs Face-to Face Respirator Clearance Tests

Avoid administration conflicts

Stop selecting which and how many employees can pause their tasks without affecting efficiency. With ICS Respirator, evaluate all your workers on the same day and at the same time, if necessary.

Reduce company costs

Every hour your team is away from its duties has an impact on your costs as a company. With ICS Respirator Clearance Tests they can take the test in a few minutes at your own workplace.

Access from computers and smartphones

Even if you do not have a computer lab at your company, your employees can answer the questionnaire from their own smartphones. This allows them to take the test anywhere they prefer.

24/7 Respirator Clearance

You will not be limited by the working hours of your in-clinic test provider. Our on-line platform enables your employee to complete the test at their own convenience.

Instant real-time results

ICS Respirator clearance tests can be completed usually in just 15-20 minutes. The ICS Respirator system will inform you about the status of all tests immediately after they are completed.

Convenient for remote employees and companies

Online respirator clearances are perfect for those companies whose facilities or workers are located in remote areas without access to in-clinic test provider nearby or those who do home office.

Why is ICS Respirator the perfect choice?

Developed by a certified physician

Developed with the guidance of our board certified physician who will validate all tests.

Clearance rates up to 98%

Our statistics indicate that 90% to 98% of the employees that take our questionnaire require no further evaluation.

Pay just what you use

There are no monthly fees or hidden charges. Pay only for the number of respirator clearances you need.

Competitive prices

Starting from $25 USD per evaluation, you will get preferential pricing depending on the amount of certificates you buy.

Compliance and confidentiality

ICS Respirator is certified by OSHA authorities and operates in accordance to HIPAA Compliance.

2 FREE Evaluations

Not convinced yet? It is easier than you think. Try our online respirator medical evaluation and get 2 free evaluations when you sign up!


Manage your team with ease

User-friendly Interface

The online questionnaire interface was developed in such a way that it can be completed in just 15 minutes.

Evaluate for all types and brands

Test your team for all types and brands of respirators. With our tool you can visually select all of them for testing.

Management tools

OSHA compliance has never been easier to accomplish. Our software has been optimized with tools designed for better team and certification management.

Easily access results and reports

All of the certifications are stored in compliance with HIPAA and are always accessible and ready to be presented in case of an audit.

Register employees and send requests

Create employee records and send them instructions via email or text/SMS on how to complete the questionnaire from their smartphone or computer.

Create certification profiles

Prefill difficult questions such as respirator type or chemical substances to which the employee will be exposed by creating job profiles that can be applied to multiple employees as necessary.


Try our respirator clearance tests for FREE!

Please request a free trial of our respirator clearance tests by filling out our quick form or by calling us.


Try us for free!

Please request a free trial of our respirator clearance tests by filling out our quick form or by calling us.